Bio Sketch

Headshot of Alexander Hillisch

Alexander Hillisch (Bayer AG, Pharmaceuticals)

Alexander Hillisch is Vice President, Head of Computational Molecular Design, at Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals in Wuppertal where his team supports early drug discovery efforts with computational chemistry, chemoinformatics, in silico ADMET, machine learning and structural bioinformatics techniques. He holds a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Vienna and was appointed honorary professor by the University of Cologne in 2010. He has extensive experience in applying and developing digital technologies such as structure-based drug design, QSAR, machine learning, in silico ADMET, artificial intelligence, virtual screening, structural bioinformatics and holistic drug design approaches. He is coauthor of 63 pharmaceutical compound patents which led to 6 clinical development candidates. Alex is also one of the organizers of CACHE (Critical Assessment of Computational Hit-finding Experiments).