Archived recordings

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Improving best practice selection and use of chemical probes

Moderator: Paul Workman, Institute of Cancer Research

Speakers: Paul Workman, Institute of Cancer Research, Lenka Munoz, University of Sydney, Guillaume Lessene, WEHI, Felipe Ossa, Nature Communications Editorial Office

How to access crystallographic fragment screens at Diamond Light Source

Moderator: Lizbe Koekemoer (University of Oxford)

Speakers: Stefan Knapp (Goethe University Frankfurt), Daren Fearon (Diamond Light Source), Joseph Newman (University of Oxford), Harold Grosjean (University of Oxford)

Targeting Deubiquitinases for Therapeutic Benefit

Moderator: Ingrid Wertz, Bristol Myers Squibb

Speakers: Sara Buhrlage, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Anthony Varca, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Towards autonomous bioactive molecular discovery

Moderator: Adam Nelson (Rosalind Franklin Institute & University of Leeds)

Speakers: Brent Koscher (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The Power of High-Content Imaging to probe Ligand Binding

Moderator: Stefan Prechtl, CELLIMA Scientific Services

Speakers: Stefan Prechtl, CELLIMA Scientific Services, Eugenio Fava, DZNE, Bonn