Target 2035 Phases

Phase I: 2020-2025

Establishing a roadmap around which international groups of like-minded scientists can self-assemble and federate towards the following goals:

  • Collecting, characterizing, and distributing existing pharmacological modulators for key representatives from all protein families in the current druggable genome and generating novel chemical probes for additional family members

  • Developing the centralized infrastructure to facilitate data collection, curation, dissemination, and mining that will empower the scientific community world- wide

  • Creating centralized facilities to provide quantitative genome-scale biochemical and cell-based profiling assays to the federated community.

Phase II: 2025-2035

Transition to a more formalized federation to avoid duplication of effort, consolidate core activities, and share advances more quickly.

  • Apply the new technologies and infrastructure developed in Phase I to generate a complete set of pharmacological modulators for most of the 20,122 human protein-coding genes.

  • Alternative approaches might emerge. For example, the recent demonstration of chemically mediated protein–protein interactions, such as proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTACs), highlights the enormous possibilities to create both positive and negative modulators of proteins.