Archived recordings

Missed a Target 2035 webinar? Recordings are available to watch on-demand at your convenience.

How to access crystallographic fragment screens at Diamond Light Source

Moderator: Lizbe Koekemoer (University of Oxford)

Speakers: Stefan Knapp (Goethe University Frankfurt), Daren Fearon (Diamond Light Source), Joseph Newman (University of Oxford), Harold Grosjean (University of Oxford)

Targeting Deubiquitinases for Therapeutic Benefit

Moderator: Ingrid Wertz, Bristol Myers Squibb

Speakers: Sara Buhrlage, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Anthony Varca, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Towards autonomous bioactive molecular discovery

Moderator: Adam Nelson (Rosalind Franklin Institute & University of Leeds)

Speakers: Brent Koscher (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The Power of High-Content Imaging to probe Ligand Binding

Moderator: Stefan Prechtl, CELLIMA Scientific Services

Speakers: Stefan Prechtl, CELLIMA Scientific Services, Eugenio Fava, DZNE, Bonn

Drugging the Undruggable: Targeted Protein Degradation as Medicine

Moderator: Biological Discovery through Chemical Innovation (BDCI) initiative at Emory University

Speakers: Georg Winter (CeMM), Danette Daniels (Foghorn Therapeutics)